Dive into the History and Magic of the Coronation Celebrations in Tongeren.

Welcome to Tongeren, the oldest city in Belgium and the proud host of the Coronation Festival! This ancient tradition, dating back to the Middle Ages, has put Tongeren on the map as an important Marian site and a source of joy and devotion. As an intangible cultural heritage, the Coronation Festival is organized with passion and pride every seven years. It will be back in 2023, and you don’t want to miss this unique event!

Tongeren is steeped in history and exudes a unique atmosphere. The city has a rich religious heritage and has been home to shrines since the Middle Ages. In 1890, when the statue of Our Lady was crowned “Cause of Our Joy,” the people of Tongeren decided to transform the Sanctuary Fairs into the legendary Coronation Festivals. This annual event that grips the city is known for its beautiful processions, evening games and festive decorations.

Ambiorix en Basiliek
Onze Lieve Vrouw

In 2023, the Coronation Festival will take place for the nineteenth time, and it promises to be a spectacular edition. From July 2 to 9, Tongeren and its residents will be immersed in a festive atmosphere. Four impressive processions and as many enchanting evening games bring the city to life. Explore the flower-decorated streets, admire the basilica’s treasury in the Teseum, discover the archaeological site under the basilica and enjoy the breathtaking view from the tower. Tongeren will surely enchant you!

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Discover the full program of the Coronation Festival on the official website.